The first thing you might want to know about me is that I love being a Counselor. I see each client as a unique combination of mind, body, emotions, spirit and life experience, and I’m passionate about helping to remove the mental and emotional blocks that get in the way of a happy, fulfilling life.

I’ve spent the past 40 years helping people with all types of issues in a variety of professional settings. I have a Master’s Degree in Child Development and Family Relations and an Associates Degree in Nursing. I’ve been licensed as a Registered Nurse since 1984 and a Professional Counselor since 1996. My background enables me to provide complementary, integrative care to my clients using both traditional counseling techniques and leading edge therapies.

About 20 years ago, I decided that “understanding” my clients’ problems and having “insight” into them was not always producing the life changes my clients were looking for, nor was it providing the changes I was looking for in my own life. This realization led to a three-year quest to find techniques I could use to help people transform their lives. I trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing); Thought Field Therapy; Reiki; and Hypnosis.

Using these new techniques helped me and my clients get to the root of their suffering and make lasting life changes. Since that time, I’ve been using EMDR and TFT/EFT with clients regularly, usually on a daily basis. It gives me great joy and satisfaction to help my clients permanently remove the emotional/mental blocks and negative beliefs that have held them back from living the life they choose.

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